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We Are Filmmakers

We are driven by curiosity and a sense of wonder. We believe empathy is the best place to start. By sharing each other’s stories, we cultivate better understanding and an appreciation for one another. We do this because we believe everyone's story is epic.

The Documentary Approach

We ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. We believe authenticity lives in the place where art and reality meet. We strive for poetic actuality while maintaining our commitment to journalistic ethics.

Our Films

We create handcrafted, painstakingly researched, and visually compelling stories for television, the web, academic environments, and museum installation. We specialize in short-form films on history, culture, science, the environment, and social justice.

Our Clients

Our clients are scholars, community leaders, non-profits, creators, scientists, and other fellow explorers. They are people whose dedication to their calling and to creating a better world match our own.

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